With easy-to-follow instructions, tips, real-world examples, templates, & tons of valuable information, I’ll teach you to think like a copywriter & take your writing from “meh” to MAGIC in 3 hrs.

How to write words that sell, 
(even if you’re not “a writer”). 

Copy Class

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"You guys, Kelsey's email module ALONE is worth every single penny of the course fee. It's jam-packed with real-life examples, crazy-helpful tips, and a multi-page headline generator that guarantees you'll never stare down that blinking cursor ever again.

It's the college class we all *wish* we'd had (if that class was also taught by your new bff that was fluent in Hogwarts references and grammar puns).

Hang out with Kelsey for a few hours of Copy Class - your biz won't be the same."


all the basic principles you need to succeed (explained in a SUPER clear, easy-to-understand way)

Copywriting 101

In Copy Class, you’ll learn:

If you're at all on the fence about whether copy class is a good fit for you, I'm happy to chat with you and give you my honest Take. 

Wanna know if it's a fit?
I'll talk you through it.

Exactly how (and where!) to discover your ideal audience & craft your unique brand voice (no more writers block: EVER.)

YOUR ideal audience

The step-by-step process of writing a website that captures readers’ attention, agitates their pain points, and sells (without being “sales-y”)

High-converting website words

that connect & convert (and have people looking forward to seeing you name in their inbox!)

How to write kickass emails

Plus TONS of bonuses, templates, & extra tools to help you succeed!

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Ali Gradischer, Artist & designer

"Learning about translating benefits to features, and working backwards to help promote an action step is already blowing my mind. I'm definitely feeling how copywriting is one of the most powerful tools to have as a small business owner.
Like, DAMN I wish they taught me this in school!"

"Blowing my mind!..."

Katy Powell, Business Owner

Seriously one of the best courses I've taken so far for my business! I've only made it through lesson one and I have SO MANY PLANS already, and am tweaking my copy as we go. I can't wait to see how these ideas and learnings propel my business.

“Seriously one of the best courses I've taken...”

What people are saying

I’ve distilled all the MOST RELEVANT & HELPFUL information from over $8000 worth of fancy professional copywriting courses into an easy-to-understand class you can take at your own pace.

Each of the 4 modules contains: 

What to expect 

A video of me introducing the module & talking you through what you’ll learn

Value-packed video & slideshow lessons (that don’t suck)

A PDF transcript (in case you learn best by reading)

Fill-in-the-blank templates & real-world examples 

Helpful (non-intimidating) worksheets


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“Copy Class is full of short & sweet lessons that get straight to the point which is exactly how I like to learn. Lessons 3 and 4 were GOLD. I’ve already made a list of changes that I want to make on my services (ah, benefits) page.”


“I HATE writing and this has really made writing copy so easy for me to understand. Now I know exactly what I was doing wrong!”


even if you hate writing.

How to write anything for your business…

Copy Class was created with the non-writer in mind. You don't even need to like writing to get a TON of value out of this course.

This course was LITERALLY designed for those who feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of writing.

This is not your typical copywriting class full of technical jargon and advanced techniques. This is simple, step-by-step guidance on how to write anything for your business.

Dude, I'm IN!

“I’m LOVING copy class! It taught me a no-nonsense approach to writing for my business that’s authentic, yet purpose-driven. It really helped me to rethink my writing to get to a Call to Action that feels good sending it out.”


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So, what’s inside Copy Class?

Exactly what copywriting is (and why it’s different than just plain ol’ writing)

The philosophy behind why copywriting works 

How to write from your ideal customer’s mentality

The ONE goal of all copywriting

“Copywriting 101”. (30 mins total) We’re covering all the basics:

How to earn your readers’ trust using copy

Discover your ideal audience & your unique voice (22 mins total)

How to figure out EXACTLY who you’re writing for.

How to discover, develop, and use your unique brand voice to find, connect with, and keep your ideal customer 

PLUS: My favorite Writer’s Block Busters if you feel stuck!

How to write a WEBSITE that SELLS! (1 hr, 10 mins total)

The step-by-step process of writing a website that sells

Creating and understanding your unique value proposition

The importance of having site and page goals & how to set them

How to write headlines & sub-headlines that convert

How to easily write body copy without getting intimidated

& Finally- easy design tips that will make your site a pleasure to read!

Writing EMAILS that connect & convert! (1 hr, total)

Why email should be your business’ #1 priority 

How to create the perfect opt-in so people are excited to join your list

The 3 kinds of emails you NEED to have for your business

How to write irresistible “omg-I-have-to-click” subject lines

& My foolproof “High Five” method for writing drip campaigns

What's inside each module?

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“I’m loving COPY CLASS so far... I really appreciate how you’re explaining everything in uber clear terms. I can’t wait to get to the other modules.”


How much is Copy Class?

Inside Copy Class you’re getting access to:

     A full class on Copywriting 101 ($397 value)

     A full class on audience and brand voice ($397 value)

     A full class on website writing ($497 value)

     A full class on email writing ($497 value)

Plus bonuses and downloads like:

     Ideal Customer Avatar worksheet-meets-mini-course ($77 value)

     A fully-written email welcome sequence template-meets-mini-course ($97value)

     My proven website Headline Generator ($47 value)

     & other bonuses ($500+ value)!

While valued at over $2000 (!!), you can access Copy Class for a one-time payment of $497 (save $50 by paying all at once) – OR – 7 payments of just $77/month.


(save $50!)

PS- Once you own it, it’s yours FOREVER. Copywriting principles never get old. You can come back to this course again and again to improve your business for years to come.

PPS- I have a tendency to raise my prices after each cart open as I improve my materials. You don’t wanna wait until the next time it opens for enrollment because, chances are, it’s gonna be more expensive.

“I’m feeling like the price I paid for this class is an absolute steal! I feel like there’s more value here than what I’ve had in both formal education and other online courses! Further, I appreciate the different types of materials you’ve provided. The videos are perfect for my downtime at work, and I intend to print out and refer to the transcripts for review. I’m also a big worksheet person so I appreciate those too!”


What matters to me most...

... is that you take what you learn in Copy Class and feel empowered every time you sit down to write. 

And yes, beyond feeling empowered, you’ll also see an improvement in… 

     your email open rates

     your website conversions 

     and of course more sales!

I want you to feel like you’re finally being fully seen and heard by the community that matters most to you.  

And I know that learning these key elements of copywriting can get you there. 

I know because it happened for me & for hundreds of my clients - entrepreneurs just like you.

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