• Are you overwhelmed by all the different things the "experts" say you SHOULD be doing?

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part...

Join the Membership!

  • Tired of running around from thing to thing like a chicken with your head cut off, doing 17 things halfway and finishing NONE?
  • Feeling shame that you don't have this online business thing "figured out by now"?

  • Wish someone would JUST FREAKING TELL YOU WHERE TO START?! (in a way that doesn't make you want to vomit/tear your hair out?)

Access a high-value mini-course covering the needle-moving topic or task of the month. 


In BYOB, you'll get new content every week to inspire & instruct you:

Get additional resources like worksheets, checklists, guest expert advice, etc.

WEEK 2: implement

Join a live group coaching call the third week of each month with the chance to ask q's & submit your project for review

week 3: Clarify & connect

Have this aspect of your business up, running & PROFITABLE! Done is better than perfect!

week 4: Optimize & publish

Plus bonus content, impromptu 'lives' & more!

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"Kelsey has many magical powers - one being her ability to quickly synthesize small pieces of information, formulate a strategy to communicate that information, and then help you execute the strategy in a way that is true to the brand.

...she has the unique gift to make what feels impossible, possible."


If you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, or service provider, BYOB is literally designed for you! If you already have a 6-figure business, a small team, or have been in business for more than 2 years, BYOB probably isn't a fit for you. BYOB is ideal for new business owners (0-12 months of having a biz), for the 9-5'er starting a side hustle, or for the entrepreneur trying to turn a side hustle into a full time gig.

Will BYOB work for my business?

Frequently Asked Questions re: BYOB...

Yes! You can cancel your BYOB membership anytime. Keep in mind though, if you signed up at special launch pricing or at a discount then decide to cancel, that low price will go away forever if you decide you want to re-join later.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Because BYOB is a new offer, I'm thanking those who choose to trust me from the start by offering my "founding members" a STUPIDLY LOW monthly price of just $47/month. (See more about why in the pricing section of this page). Best part is: if you're a "founding member", you LOCK IN that price of $47/month even when the price goes up later. And yes, it will be going up- SOON.

What is "founding members" pricing? Is the price going up?

I'm ready to build my biz!

Upcoming monthly topics for BYOB include:

Examples of what you'll learn as a BYOB member...

How to pitch yourself to press & podcasts (& get your work featured for free!)
How to get reeeeally good testimonials (even if you just launched, or haven't launched yet)
How to build a Holiday marketing strategy (yes, even for service based businesses!)
Build all your bios; from social media bios to the bios they read on podcasts, to your "about page" bio
How to create a sustainable Content Strategy that drives revenue and doesn't overwhelm you
Social media hacks that save time, increase engagement, build trust, & turn followers into CLIENTS. 
How to legally protect yourself with trademarks, contracts, and client onboarding
Podcasting 101; how to create your own and/or how to be a good guest
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for dummies...

I need to learn this!
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and so much more...plus you get to vote on what we cover next!

3 Evergreen BONUS COURSES!

Access the bonus content

Coming Soon inside the BYOB Membership portal... 

In addition to regular monthly content, you'll also get...

3 Bonus Courses worth $1K each, EXCLUSIVE TO BYOB; I don't teach this anywhere else!

How much does the membership cost?

Inside the BYOB membership you’re getting access to:

     A full class on a needle-moving topic every single month ($300 value)

     Additional instructional resources that help you ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT what you learn ($200+ value)

     Monthly coaching with me with the opportunity to have me personally edit your work ($300 value)

     All the practical tools you need to get your business up, running, and OPTIMIZED ($$$+?!?! value)

Plus BONUSES and extras like:

    A community of other entrepreneurs growing alongside you

     Inspiration and mindset work (because success is about WAY more than just money)

     Occasional guest expert instructors & speakers

     & of course the THREE evergreen Bonus "mini-courses" (worth $1K each) covering the most basic foundations of setting up your business: Branding, Websites, & Emails

While valued at over $4000 (!!) of content and instruction a month, for an Extremely limited time, you can access the BYOB membership for the "founding member" price of just $47/month! (yes, i know, it's under-priced on purpose...see below for why)

Join now for just $47

Why am I charging so little for this incredibly valuable membership?

...because i've been where you are and i know how much it sucks.
this is my way of giving back: by creating the program i wish i'd had when I was new & confused by all the million things I had to do in order to run a business.

I don't want anyone else to feel the way I used to feel...constantly confused and overwhelmed, wishing someone would just tell me what to do, or where to start. My goal with BYOB is to:

     Give other entrepreneurs the needle-moving guidance I wish I'd had when I felt stuck

     Provide inspiration AND instruction that helps you KEEP GOING on your business-building path 

     Help you understand the entrepreneurship side of things, so you can spend more time actually doing what you love

If having a community that keeps you accountable, provides guidance, and inspires your growth sounds good to you, I'd be honored to have you join us in the BYOB Membership!

JUST REMEMBER: This "founding member" price IS GOING AWAY...very, very soon. So if ya wanna lock in this price, do it.

Lock in the "founding member" price of just $47/month