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With my premium "done for you" copywriting services, I see you through to the end of the project, making sure your copy is 100% done and dusted. 

When we work this way, we co-create a revenue-driving strategy based on your ideal customer, I write your copy, we go through a round of edits, and then together, we make a plan for implementation.

     ► Copy proven to turn readers into BUYERS (& raving fans)
     ► Words written strategically to connect with your specific ideal customer
     ► A website that does your marketing FOR you in the background 24/7/365
     ► A consistent, non-"sales-y" brand voice that earns your readers' TRUST
     ► Confidence that your business is in the hands of a Seasoned Pro (that's me!)

Done for you


BENEFITS of having me write your copy for you:

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3 written FOR you web pages (Home, About, +Additional Page of your choice) of conversion copy, plus an opportunity to give notes & comments, delivered ready to copy & paste into your website builder.

Website Copy

My proven sales page framework is specifically designed for the CURRENT online business landscape (no miles-long paragraphs or slime-y sales tactics). Want a sales page that sells without being "sales-y"?

Sales Page

Delivery of 10 written-for-you emails tailored to your specific needs (launch funnels, welcome emails, nurture sequences.), ready to copy, paste & send. Suggested send schedule included!

Email Bundle

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"I can say without a shadow of doubt that Kelsey's skills are peerless in the industry. A few highlights of working with her:

  • Meticulous Understanding: Before she even pens down the first word, Kelsey dives deep to understand the brand, its aspirations, and its audience. 
  • Authenticity Over Everything: In a world where consumers are wary of inauthentic brand messages, Kelsey’s copy strikes gold. It's genuine, relatable, and doesn’t try too hard—because it doesn’t need to.
  • Conversion-Centric Approach: Ultimately, compelling copy should drive action. With Kelsey’s expertise, Aria Creative's clients have seen remarkable shifts in engagement metrics. It’s the kind of content that doesn’t just get read; it gets clicked, shared, and remembered.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Working 1:1 with Kelsey feels like a partnership. She’s receptive to feedback, agile in her iterations, and always aims for a collective win."


My "done with you" option is best for those who need a combination of action + guidance on a specific project

Whether it's a set of expert eyes on copy that's already written, guidance on how to market a new service or product, or words to re-invigorate a campaign that's not converting, I'm your gal.

Prices for "Done With You" services are determined by the hour, but custom packages are available upon request.

Done with you


This one hour 1:1 session is yours to use however you'd like! Best for audits of copy that's already written, or when you need specific direction on ONE project or topic.

"Power Hour"

This 3-hour package is best for those who need a deeper dive on a specific project. We'll hone in on your customers' pain points, co-create a revenue-driving message, write copy & make a plan for implementation.

3-Hr "Deep Dive"

Feel overwhelmed? My 1:1 Coaching offer is for entrepreneurs who need help building a strong foundation for their overall business, co-creating a STRATEGY and business plan for their overall brand, product or course launch. 

1:1 Coaching

$497 for 3 hours
*most popular

Not sure which done-with-you package is right for you?

Grab 15 minutes with me to chat about it

"I quickly needed a sales page for a new service... I knew that the right messaging and keywords on the sales page would make all the difference in helping business owners understand its value and say "yes!"

When I tell you this was so much more than a copywriting session! Kelsey went deep into my overall business, my value proposition, my audience and so much more.

Our time together was worth 7x more than what I invested. 

You don't have to agonize over the copy any longer — work with Kelsey! I cannot wait to work with her again!"


Listen, I get it if hiring a pro isn't in the budget right now, but here's the God's honest truth: You can't afford NOT to pay attention to your copy.

  • Who you are
  • How you're gonna help them
  • Why they should trust you with their $$$
  • Why they should choose you over the competition

You don't have to be a "good writer" to write good copy.

In fact, you can save thousands of dollars by learning to write your OWN high-converting copy that turns readers into buyers!

Do it yourself


My courses & trainings are specifically designed  to teach NON-writers how to write words that sell in a way that:
  • Isn't "sales-y"
  • Develops genuine connection
  • Cultivates trust
  • Moves people to take ACTION!


Stop wasting time wondering what to say & start converting subscribers into paying customers with these  fill-in-the-blank templates that are easy to understand & implement.

Stop procrastinating and start sending emails that get RESULTS.


Need practical guidance on how to build a profitable, sustainable business? Join me in BYOB - "Build Your Own Business" - an affordable membership designed to help entrepreneurs execute one needle moving aspect of building a business each month.


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