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Need high-converting copy, like, yesterday? 

Stop wasting time wondering what to say & start converting readers into paying customers with these ready to use, fill-in-the-blank templates that are easy to understand & implement.

Ya just don’t know where to start. 

Plus, how do you even know your emails will be effective? 

Maybe you’re afraid you’ll spend all this time agonizing over email sequences and then…no one will engage with them- or worse- no one will even open them.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Sending!

Relax, I’ve got you.

Email Templates That Connect & Convert

Soooo, you know you’re supposed to be building an engaged email list, but honestly... 

These ready-to-use email templates are based on my years of research & experience writing email copy for hundreds of entrepreneurs. They are specifically designed not only to help you start writing emails that convert, but also, to help you understand WHY they work (so you can repeat the process again & again).

Whether you need help creating your email welcome sequence, improving your open rates, nurturing people in your list, or writing launch emails that actually convert into sales - these proven email templates help you stop procrastinating and start sending emails that get RESULTS.


“I implemented Kelsey's "high five" email template into my automated welcome sequence. I've had it up for 2 weeks and I've made almost $400 in passive sales just from changing an automated email message. Oh, and my open rate went up from 22%, to now over 60% of people open ALL 5 EMAILS in the sequence!”

Nicole S., Founder, Sprout Law

My proven “high five” email welcome sequence based on years of research that nurtures your new subscribers right out of the gate so they immediately feel like they know you, like you, and trust you enough to buy from you.


The Welcome Sequence


“Using Kelsey’s emails, we were able to pivot from a 100% in-person business, to a 100% online business! We immediately got 275 sign-ups for our first-ever online yoga membership program that generated $8000 in revenue...We’re SHOCKED.”

Nina N., Co-Founder Global Tribe Retreats

Take the pressure off your next launch: These 10 (!!) proven, written-for-you emails are specially designed to make your next offer, product, course, or program launch easy & profitable! I cover BOTH open-and-close carts and evergreen offers.


The Launch Sequence


"I love connecting with my email list, but I feel like getting those emails to convert is SO DEJECTING! The Subject Line Generator is FULL of amazing ideas to draw your audience in when they have an inbox that is very full."

Bekah R., Web Designer

Over 100+ proven fill-in-the-blank subject lines (with real-world examples) organized into easy-to-understand categories that will help you stop fretting over those pesky 50 characters & start increasing your open rates!


Subject Line Generator


By the way, these aren’t yo mama’s email templates… they’re really more like mini-courses in email conversion copywriting.

I’m a “teach a (wo)man to fish” kinda gal…

This isn’t just a rinse-and-repeat template you’ll use once then lose in the graveyard of your “biz tools” folder. 

This is more like a mini-course-meets-template. Why? Because I think it’s important to teach you WHY certain copywriting magic tricks work so you can learn to apply them EVERYWHERE in your business.

When you purchase any of my templates, you’ll see something like THIS:


Fully written real-world examples of the template in action 


Short informative videos 
explaining exactly how to use the template

You’ll get the PDF of the super easy-to-use template, but you’ll also get:


A 5-min crash course in copywriting so you can understand WHY the template works


Guidance on what to do next if you need more help

My dream is that you feel EMPOWERED and EXCITED when you sit down to write anything for your business.

These templates are a great way to jumpstart or re-invigorate your email list, get you to stop procrastinating writing emails, and start sending emails that connect & convert!