Frequently Asked

What exactly is copywriting?


Copywriting is writing that’s designed to make someone take action. That action could be: subscribe, buy, follow, “like”, or engage in some way. Copy is what makes people decide if they like you and want to engage with you/your brand. Anywhere you have words that describe who you are & what you do is “copy”.

Copywriting is one of the most valuable business tools in existence, and yet it’s often overlooked. Effective, clear copy shows the world who you really are. It’s the key to being seen, heard, & empowered in the echo-chamber of the internet and cultivating an engaged audience with hungry eyes (sorry, now you have the 80’s song stuck in your head…).

Do you do 1-on-1 consultations or private projects?

Whomp-whomp, sorry to disappoint, but as of 2024 I am no longer taking 1:1 clients for copywriting or coaching.

I decided to pause one on one work for a few reasons, and if you really want to hear about them you can listen to episode 97 of my podcast, Find Your Magic.

HOWEVER, I never want to leave anyone high and dry. If you'd like a list of copywriters I highly recommend, please reach out via my contact page! 

Why are you such an evangelist about copywriting?

BECAUSE IT HELPS LITERALLY EVERYONE. Copywriting is every business owner’s secret weapon. Your copy is THE THING that makes a customer decide if they like you enough to trust you, and trust you enough to buy from you. It’s also a skill that never goes away. If you learn some basic copywriting principles, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with your ideal audience FOR LIFE.

Let’s be honest, I hate writing. Do I have to be a ‘writer’ to learn copywriting?

Heck to the NO you do NOT have to be a writer to learn copywriting! In fact, people who shy away from writing are my favorite students and clients. That’s because the difference is astounding to watch; after learning some basic ‘go-to’ copywriting skills, you are going to be SO RELIEVED and then SO EMPOWERED every time you sit down to communicate with your audience. Writer’s block be gone! 

OK, you convinced me. How do I learn this magical “copywriting” stuff?

Glad you asked. I have a bunch of free resources you can download HERE. You can also read a lot of helpful information on the “Magic Words” blog HERE

If you’re ready to bet on yourself and take a course, my signature copywriting course will give you a complete overview on how to write words for your business; from copywriting 101, to finding your unique brand voice, to writing an effective website step-by-step, to everything you need about writing emails that convert. It’s called Copy Class and you can learn more HERE.

If you’re not ready to dive into the whole she-bang yet, I also teach Copywriting Mini-Courses. They’re all around 30 minutes and teach a highly specific copywriting skill that you can immediately use to uplevel your business. Check ‘em out HERE.

Boom. Mic Drop.

I took Copy Class & loved it! Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, I do! But I keep it very selective. To apply to become an affiliate, write me at and I will send you details.

Affiliates make 30% commissions on EVERYTHING in my library. You can even make commissions from freebies. If you're scratching your head thinkin' "how could I possibly make money from sharing free content??", heres how...

When you share any piece of content - a freebie, a link to a sales page, whatever - & some clicks on it, a cookie is installed on their browser for 30 days. If they end up buying anything in those 30 days - a course, a template, whatever - you get 30% of the profit!

Already an affiliate (look at you, fancy!) & looking for the link to login to the affiliate portal? Click HERE.