My courses are specifically designed to teach NON-writers how to write words that sell in a way that:
  • Isn't "sales-y"
  • Develops genuine connection
  • Cultivates trust
  • Moves people to take ACTION!

You don't have to be a "good writer" or even enjoy writing at all to write good copy. 

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Waste a ton of time and money dithering about aimlessly on your website
Fret for hours tweaking social media captions, marketing emails, and blog posts
Feel so intimidated you give up, then feel guilty about it, (then repeat the cycle every 6 months)
Stare at the blinking cursor of death at a complete loss as to what to say - OR -
You verbal vomit so much it’s totally overwhelming and unclear…

Because you don’t know what to say or how to say it, you:

a long ass time

You’ve spent

 thinking about your business idea, launch, or product, but...

You’re not quite sure if it’s “good enough”...
And you're afraid it sounds "sales-y".

...You procrastinate actually writing or publishing your website, email funnel, sales page, what-have-you because:

Sound (a little too) familiar?

Start with these 3 easy copywriting tricks

  • Who you are
  • How you're gonna help them
  • Why they should trust you with their $$$
  • Why they should choose you over the competition

  • You don't have to be a "good writer" to write good copy.

In fact, you can save thousands of dollars by learning to write your OWN high-converting copy that turns readers into buyers!

Here's the God's honest truth:

If people don't understand why what you're selling is valuable, they'll go with your competition.

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If you're not confident when talking about your products or services, your ideal customer sure as heck isn't gonna feel confident buying from you.

Bottom Line:

Start writing words that turn readers into buyers

Copy Class is my signature course that teaches “non-writers” to write copy that connects, converts & sells…without making your brain hurt. (*Ahem* my 7000+ students will vouch for this!).

With easy-to-follow instructions, tips, real-world examples, templates, & tons of valuable information, I’ll teach you to think like a copywriter & take your writing from “meh” to MAGIC in 3.5+ hrs.

► Learn the (most important) basics of copywriting 
► Develop a unique, consistent personal brand voice (so people learn to trust you)
► Build your *real* ideal customer avatar (aka identify people who actually want to give you their monies, not just do a personality quiz)
► Learn to write a website that converts step-by-step (this would cost you $5K+ for a pro)
► Learn to write emails that sell! (Make your investment back w this module alone)

Use the button below to learn more about exactly what you'll find in copy class, what my students are saying, and to see how changing the way you write can increase your traffic, conversions and revenue by up to 300%!

Copy Class (My signature course!)


Your value proposition is THE thing that makes someone decide if they want to stay on your website, or if they’re gonna click out and watch a random YouTube video about cats in Christmas sweaters.

► What a value proposition is & why it's ESSENTIAL to the user experience
► How it can increase traffic, conversions, and sales
► Real-world examples of value propositions that work
► A step by step study of how I create highly effective “val props” for clients
► An exercise in which you create your own value proposition!

How To Write a Value Proposition (the mini course!)


Leave this course (that only costs $77 whaaaaat?!) with your own fully written, highly effective value proposition that you can put on your website TODAY.

In this 30 min course you'll learn:

In Copy Class you will...

How to Write an Effective Instagram Bio

3 Copy Tricks to Triple Your Profits

How to Start & Grow an Email List

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