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People start saying, "I’m so excited to work with you! I already feel like I know you just from reading your emails, website & social posts. I’m SUCH a fan!"…


And I’m kind of a genius at teaching non-writers to write words that sell.

Hey, I'm Kelsey!

You hear a steady stream of, “OMG, can I pay you to help me?” from new clients and repeat customers (cue: cheesy “Ker-CHING!!” cash register sound)…

You feel CONFIDENT AF that words will easily pour out next time you go to write that email, Instagram caption, web page, or blog post (instead of staring at the blinking cursor of death)…

You consistently see REAL results from your website, emails & social (no more crossing your fingers & sending something into the ether of the internet)…

If you’re ready to learn how to write words that serve an engaged audience with hungry eyes 
(sorry, now you have the 80’s song stuck in your head)
– Then get ready. Your business (and honestly, your life) is about to change...

Just Like Magic.


Making more money, feeling more confident, booking your calendar solid, (finally) raising your rates, actually enjoying sending out emails, feeling like your website is “so you”, being asked to be on expert panels & podcasts, growing your social following, being quoted in the press, making new friends, and being an all-around boss ass contender, gushdangit!

*Side effects of learning basic copywriting skills may also include:

I'm so ready!


Tina clarke, RDH mde & business owner

"Kelsey! I just had to share with you I implemented your 'High 5' email system and my revenue quadrupled for the month of September!

Thank you for sharing and I have to say: your copywriting course is worth EVERY PENNY!"

"My revenue quadrupled for the month of September"

BRITTANY Krystle, Host of Top-Rated podcast 'Beyond Influential'

"For anyone interested in learning how to write copy for their business (which should be everyone because copy is where the $ gets made), Copy Class is incredible, and easily worth double its price.
 Kelsey covers everything from essential copywriting 101, to email list building, to website copy... it’s a few courses worth of MONEY content wrapped in one!"

“Incredible & easily worth double the price...”

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about Kelsey's courses & templates:

I’m not here to turn you into a professional copywriter; I teach NON-writers how to write words that sell. Once you learn the key principles of copywriting, you’ll forever understand how to communicate with your ideal customers in a way that creates emotional connection…& emotional connection creates conversions.

You DO NOT need to be a “good writer” to learn how to write good copy!

That’s why copywriting is THE most powerful tool in your business toolkit. Great copy appeals to your ideal customer’s emotions and coaches her towards taking a desired action. It helps her understand not only who you are & what you offer, but shows her how you’re going to make her feel.

Why? Because human beings make decisions based on emotion.

Good copywriters cost money hunny (like $3,000- $10,000 for a website kinda money). But, it’s simply not economical to hire a professional copywriter every freaking time you need to write or edit something for your business. 

Plus, learning copywriting skills can literally save you thousands $$$...

Businesses that invest in copywriting see at least three times more connections and conversions...
     …That’s 3 vanilla lattes instead of one tall drip coffee.
     …That’s a whole new outfit vs. “I’ll just take the shoes”.
     …That’s a 3 bedroom house vs. a studio apartment.
In other words, you can triple your profits JUST by changing your copy.

...And triple your profits.





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