I               about:                     ...feelings
being a woman
    ...& feelings about being
a woman in business


...being a woman
...and feelings about being a woman in business

I             about...


I started my company "Magic Words Copywriting" in 2018 to help (mostly women) entrepreneurs build a PROFITABLE brand voice without being sales-y or fake.

And I’m obsessed with writing "magic words"...Here's the TLDR;

Hey, I'm Kelsey!

I felt icky charging women for copy I knew they could learn to write themselves, so I created my signature course "Copy Class" that teaches NON-writers how to write words that sell.

In 2020 Copy Class BLEW UP and to date has 8,000 students and counting! I've spent the last five years creating courses, templates & freebies that help NON-writers grow their online businesses!

I ALSO write essays, books, & poems that focus on the "roles" women are taught to play in our everyday lives, and how to break out of them. My newsletter "The Magic Lab" has over 3K subscribers!





Whether you're here to get high-converting copy for your business...

Or you're here to read High-Drama stories and essays about the female experience...

or you're here to listen to my high-value podcast about mental health  for entrepreneurs...

I'm glad you're here, Magic Maker!

After years as a freelance copywriter, I know exactly what matters (and what doesn't!) when it comes to writing copy that converts for online business owners. My non-intimidating courses are specifically designed to help NON-writers and business newbies write words that sell, without sounding "sales-y".


Need to start converting readers into buyers (like, yesterday?)

I get it!...Here's how I can help:

Stop wasting time wondering what to say and start converting readers into PAYING customers with my ready-to-use, fill-in-the-blank templates that are easy to understand and  implement! These proven email templates will help you stop procrastinating, and start sending emails that get RESULTS.


Want me to come speak to your membership, group coaching cohort, or at your event? I love speaking to entrepreneurs at every level, in any industry, about the power of words! Whether you want to know about copywriting, building a profitable brand voice, email marketing, social, or content strategy, I can help get your copy done, dusted, and PROFITABLE!



At the beginning of 2024, I was craving a place where I could share my more personal stories, feelings, and writing without being confined to talking about "business" or having my work be something that was fueled by/dependent on money. I started my Substack "The Magic Lab" to have an outlet for those stories. I'd love it if you joined me there!

Just want the personal stuff? Join my Substack Newsletter:
"The Magic Lab"!

Tina clarke, RDH mde & business owner

"Kelsey! I just had to share with you I implemented your 'High 5' email system and my revenue quadrupled for the month of September!

Thank you for sharing and I have to say: your copywriting course is worth EVERY PENNY!"

"My revenue quadrupled for the month of September!"

BRITTANY Krystle, Host of Top-Rated podcast 'Beyond Influential'

"For anyone interested in learning how to write copy for their business (which should be everyone because copy is where the $ gets made), Copy Class is incredible, and easily worth double its price.
 Kelsey covers everything from essential copywriting 101, to email list building, to website copy... it’s a few courses worth of MONEY content wrapped in one!"

“Incredible & easily worth double the price...”

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