No shaming yourself for not doing enough or not getting things done as quickly as you hoped
No BS "grindset" or "hustle culture" or over-spray-tanned "8 figure motivational speaker" CRAP
No empty promises of arbitrary earning numbers like "Six figure year" or "10K launch" (NO ONE can promise that!)

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. zero stars, would not recommend.

"too old"

You're not

You’re worried "it's been done" already
You think you're too late/too old/too fill-in-the-blank
You're convinced people will think it's stupid

...You've held back from creating or releasing your website, your book, your creative project, your newsletter, your online course, what-have-you because:

Just practical guidance on building a profitable business & writing words that sell (without sounding "sales-y".

"too late"

& You're not

Here's my hunch about how you found yourself here:

This is a "Bro Marketing"-Free Zone where we support & celebrate EVERYONE who wants to share their gifts with the world:

As a former professional actress, my passion is writing about (and questioning!) the roles women play in real life. See my Viral Essays, learn about my book(s) in progress, or subscribe to my Substack.

Other writing


Looking for already-done-for-you copy that can move the needle NOW?? Stop procrastinating and start writing with my research-based, proven email templates. (Website templates coming soon!)



Bet on yourself & enroll in one of my non-intimidating 
courses; from my signature program "Copy Class" to quick win mini courses & trainings for building a profitable, sustainable online business.



Want some                        ?  Choose your own adventure... 

 free resources for entrepreneurs



My podcast "Find Your Magic" aims to help entrepreneurs grow their business while also taking care of their mental health! There are over 100 episodes with expert advice from therapists, CEOs, healing practitioners, & more!

magic words


Ever since I was a kid, I've processed my feelings through writing (& I have the embarrassing poetry journals to prove it). I became a full-blown theater & book nerd in middle & high school.


in 2018 I started magic words copywriting to help entrepreneurs & companies (including fancy multi-millior dollar businesses) write high-converting copy without losing their authentic voice or compromising their ethics. 

How this deep-feeling kid found her way from embarassing poetry journals to writing ethical copy for multi-million dollar companies...


I spent 10+ years as a successful actress & screenwriter before leaving at the height of my career (because it wasn't "enough" anymore) to pursue writing full time.


after feeling icky charging people thousands for copy they could write themselves, I pivoted into an "education first" business model, creating digital courses, templates & programs for NON-writers and biz newbies.

I'm continuing to refine & expand my digital offerings, while also getting back to my first love: writing! (Embarrassing poetry included!) Read about my books in progress, my viral essays, and my substack newsletter "The Magic Lab"!



"You explain everything in a way that's so compelling! I already feel I can write better - I immediately did the exercise of converting features into benefits. This was just so enlightening I can't wait to put it into action with every single written piece I have for my business.

You just made it seem all so simple! I've struggled with writing and now I'm even liking it.
You are awesome! Thank you!"

katie boyce, interior design & lifestyle copywriter

"You guys, Kelsey's email module ALONE is worth every single penny of the course fee. It's jam-packed with real-life examples, crazy-helpful tips, and a multi-page headline generator that guarantees you'll never stare down that blinking cursor every again.

It's the college class we all *wish* we'd had (if that class was also taught by your new bff that was fluent in Hogwarts references and grammar puns).
Hang out with Kelsey for a few hours - your biz won't be the same."



I’ve NEVER met a French Fry I didn’t like. NEVER. Not Once.


I impulse-adopted a tiny rescue mutt named "Rookie".

OK fine, I’ll list some “fun facts” too:


My favorite acting role was in the emmy-winning netflix show "Zac & Mia"


I’ve read the entire "ACOTAR" series 3 times... and counting. IYKYK.

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