*AHEM!! See what I did there? I used words (COPY) to encourage you to take ACTION! (download the guide!)

Your ‘copy’ - aka, the words you use to communicate with your ideal customers - is what makes people decide if they like you, and trust you enough to buy from you.

(Which, when you’re trying to sell something, is kiiiiiinda important.)

My specialty is teaching NON-writers (ahem, like YOU) how to write copy that quickly connects to your ideal customers, and converts them into paying clients (& raving fans).

Copywriting = writing that’s designed to make someone take ACTION.

It’s totally okay if you’re wondering: “What IS ‘copywriting’, exactly??”

3 Copywriting Tricks to 3X Conversions

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Waste a ton of time and money dithering about aimlessly on your website
Fret for hours over social media captions, marketing emails, and blog posts
Feel so intimidated you give up, then feel guilty about it
Stare at the blinking cursor of death at a complete loss as to what to say, or -
You verbal vomit so much it’s totally overwhelming and unclear…

Because you don’t know what to say or how to say it, you:

a long ass time

You’ve spent

 thinking about your business idea, launch, or update, but...

You’re not quite sure if it’s “ready”...
And you don’t know how to “sell” it.

You want it to be *exactly* what you’re envisioning in your head (aka, PERFECT). So you procrastinate actually making or releasing your website, email funnel, online course, social media plan, what-have-you because:

Sound (a little too) familiar?

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"You explain everything in a way that's so compelling! I already feel I can write better - I immediately did the exercise of converting features into benefits. This was just so enlightening I can't wait to put it into action with every single written piece I have for my business.

You just made it seem all so simple! I've struggled with writing and now I'm even liking it.
You are awesome! Thank you!"

katie boyce, interior design & lifestyle copywriter

"You guys, Kelsey's email module ALONE is worth every single penny of the course fee. It's jam-packed with real-life examples, crazy-helpful tips, and a multi-page headline generator that guarantees you'll never stare down that blinking cursor every again.

It's the college class we all *wish* we'd had (if that class was also taught by your new bff that was fluent in Hogwarts references and grammar puns).
Hang out with Kelsey for a few hours - your biz won't be the same."


It was 10pm on
New Year’s Eve, 2017…

I had just lost my fancy staff writing job, 
found out “the one” was cheating, 
& had just signed the lease on my 1st solo “big girl” apartment. 

I was devastated, jobless, broke, and ironically, completely financially responsible for every bill for the 1st time in my life. (Cue: Alanis Morisette, Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think??)

As devastated as I was, I realized it was an opportunity to get really clear on what it was I actually wanted to do with my life.
A few months of soul searching, trial & error, tears and TED talks ensued…& then, I found copywriting. I think I screamed something like, “You mean to tell me I can have a career using WORDS to help others realize their dreams, and help them feel deeply seen & heard? SIGN ME THE EFF UP!”

For the next two years I wrote copy for 100’s of entrepreneurs and saw their confidence (& their sales!) skyrocket. But, I hit a wall...I could only write copy for so many people.

So I decided, why not turn my knowledge into accessible online copywriting courses and templates for NON-writers who just want some clear guidance on how to write words that sell?

CUE: Cartoon light bulb going off over my head!

I dove into almost $10,000 worth of copywriting & marketing courses and mined the BEST stuff from them. Then, I packaged that knowledge into easy-to-follow courses and easy-to-implement templates. I’m SO proud of the tools I’ve created over the past few years- not just because I think they’re amazing, but because 6000+ students later, I know they work.

Everything on this site is designed to teach NON-writers how to write words that sell with an accessible tone & style, clear & actionable advice, and real-world examples of implementation. 

All so you can start turning words on the page into dollars in the bank...

just like magic. 

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE WORD? You know, that word you doodle in the margins of your notebooks? One that makes your fingertips feel all tingly? 

Here’s why: MAGIC implies that we have the power to create or change our reality at any given moment. Magic doesn’t just happen, we make it. We already have the power inside us to make magic; all it takes is intention, imagination, and faith.

I named my copywriting business “Magic Words” because words really do have the power to transform our lives.

With the right words you can increase your sales, communicate your ideas, reach more people who need to hear what you have to say, generate new leads that can hugely impact your life…The list goes on and on!

I love the idea that together, we’re using words like magic spells to build an online presence that makes you feel heard, seen, empowered & understood.


'Magic Words'


Mine is



I’ve NEVER met a French Fry I didn’t like. NEVER.


I impulse-adopted a tiny rescue mutt named Rookie.

OK fine, I’ll list some “fun facts”:


I spent 10+ years as a Hollywood & B'Way actress & screenwriter.


I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series 3 times...and counting.

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