Becoming an affiliate is one of the best ways to leverage someone else’s content in order to provide value to your own online audience AND make money doing it.

When someone purchases ANY of my paid offers within 30 days of clicking on ANY of your affiliate links (more on this process in a sec), you get 30% of the profits.


Why become an affiliate for my programs? Ummm because you can *literally* make money JUST by sharing content!

Make $$$ By Sharing Content!

Affiliate Area

     It takes the pressure off you to create new content (because you’re sharing my already-done-for-you freebie content)

     It delivers value to your list (which will make them love you even more than they already do)

     AND…it can make you money!

How The Affiliate Program Works

Sign Up: When you sign up to be an affiliate, you get access to your very own Affiliate Link for all my paid offers, and for all my freebies.

ALL these Affiliate Links install a cookie onto the prospective customer's browser for 30 days, or until the cache is cleared.

Anyone that uses ANY of your affiliate links to ultimately purchase ANY of my offers within 30 days of clicking – you’ll earn a 30% commission!

I set it up like this because I get that it’s awkward to “sell” to your list without any context. This way, you can share my super high value FREE content with your audience and still potentially make $$$. 

However the potential customer gets to my paid offer - whether it’s through a freebie you share or if you link directly to a checkout page - you get the commission!

Simply enter your name, email, create a password, and enter your PayPal email (this is how you get paid so don’t skip that step!).

This is what the affiliate ‘sign up’ page looks like…

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to enter an email, create a password, and enter your PayPal email. Don’t skip that step as that’s how you get paid!

Sign Up:


All signed up & ready to go? 


(That way, NO sales ever slip through the cracks!). Here you’ll be able to access all your affiliate links, as well as your stats. 

You can see how many people clicked your affiliate links, how many submitted their email/form information, and how many converted into paying customers.

The Affiliate Portal is run by Kajabi 


You can use your email/password combo to login to the Affiliate Portal at any time. Here, you can track your sales and commissions.

Use your email/ password & track


Log In: 


Click the button to log in to the Affiliate Portal.

For each sale of ANY of my paid offers made via your affiliate link, you’ll receive a 30% commission.

Affiliate Commissions

Commissions are paid monthly, 30 days after the month closes, via PayPal. So if you sell offers in January, you’ll receive your January commission payment March 1st.

Commissions are earned on courses, templates, and offers created & sold by Kelsey Formost & Magic Words Copywriting. 

Always disclose your use of affiliate links, even if you’re sharing and promoting free content that links to a paid offer.

By signing up to be an affiliate, you are agreeing to the affiliate terms and conditions.


Disclosure & Terms


XO, Kelsey

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