Create more time, freedom, and creative energy for the people and projects I care about most.

After switching to an education-first business model,
 (ie "digital courses and products") I was able to... 

I was a burnt out freelance copywriter who was tired of "dollars for hours" work...

Once upon a time...

Save a TON of money by getting rid of 5-10 other platforms I was paying for every month (because Kajabi meets all those needs on ONE platform).

Stop feeling crappy for having to raise my 1:1 copywriting rates every few months. Now I offer value to students and empower them to write their own high-converting copy with my signature course.

Feel SO MUCH MORE FULFILLED and good in my soul that I'm able to share my knowledge and gifts with more people than ever would have been possible if I'd kept on doing "dollars for hours" work.

FYI, This page contains affiliate links. If you end up signing up for kajabi from this page, I make a small commission.
But seriously though, I'd sing their praises from the rooftops, regardless. No other platform has helped me more.

Mental health moment: IT'S OK TO WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY. There was a long time when I felt guilty about wanting to scale my business so I didn't have to worry so much every month about my bills. Now that my courses and digital products run in the background on autopilot, I can spend my time improving those products, helping more students, and creating more free content... no more over committing (read: burning out) on freelance projects because I need extra cash to make ends meet.

Kajabi helps me make passive income so I can focus on serving, not selling.

I'm so ready!


Why use this link? It's the only place you can get a FREE 30-day trial.

If you google or go directly to kajabi's site, you only get a 14 day trial. 

I spoke directly with the team at Kajabi (yes, you can actually talk to them! It's not a scary faceless corporation!) and they helped me set up an exclusive free 30-day trial offer for listeners of my podcast "Find Your Magic" (which, ahem, is only possible because I host it on Kajabi!).

To set up your trial, or to just learn more about how Kajabi can help you set up a thriving business that sells digital courses, memberships, and products, head to the link below!

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