Copywriting 101; Actionable copywriting tricks for entrepreneurs
How to build a digital content strategy (that’s not overwhelming)
Personal Branding: Developing a unique brand voice
E-mail marketing (with a specialty in subject lines!)
Mental health & entrepreneurship; how to stay mentally well while building your business

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Julie phillips, Vice President Randle Communications PR

"Kelsey is a tremendously talented marketing professional and a captivating speaker. 
She bolstered our firm’s staff retreat with a highly informative and engaging presentation.

She is a superstar,
and we are grateful to work with her."

"She is a superstar..."

Jason Falls, host of winfluence podcast

"Right off the bat Kelsey put a spin on marketing that helped me see the industry from a different perspective. Our discussion was rich, but perhaps not in the way you might expect.

It was one of those delightful conversations that will make you think, surprise you, and leave you thinking differently about the space."

“Kelsey will surprise you & leave you thinking differently...”

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Kelsey Formost is a copywriting expert, marketing educator & mental health advocate who helps entrepreneurs find their voice & write words that sell (without sounding “sales-y”).

Kelsey’s words have been featured in top publications like Business Insider, Glamour, Refinery29, Boss Babe & more. She’s also an experienced public speaker chosen for events like Hubspot’s Inbound and SXSW (South By Southwest), two of the top marketing conferences in the country. Kelsey was recently named a ‘Rising Star’ by industry leader ‘Talking Influence’ on their coveted “Influencer Top 50” list of the 50 most influential persons in Influencer Marketing.

Kelsey's easy-to-understand teaching style and can-do attitude have helped take struggling businesses to six figures and beyond, but that's not really what's important. Kelsey's mission is to de-mystify the process of communicating with an online audience, helping people feel empowered and inspired every time they need to write or speak about their business (and also, yeah, make more money in the process).

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Kelsey Formost, founder of Magic Words Copywriting, is an award-winning marketing expert who teaches entrepreneurs how to write words that sell (without sounding sales-y). She’s been featured in publications like Business Insider, Refinery29, and Glamour, and has spoken at some of the top marketing conferences in the country like Inbound and South By Southwest.

Yes, her courses and templates have helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn to write their own high-converting copy, but Kelsey's real mission is to help people find their true voice so they feel deeply seen, heard and empowered every time they need to talk about their business (and also, yeah, make more money in the process).