How to write copy that isn't sales-y but still boosts conversions by up to 300%! With celebrity motivator Lori Harder.

Celebrity coach Ashley Gordon hosts Kelsey on her top-rated podcast to chat finding your voice & writing copy that sells!

Kelsey talks pricing psychology on The "Help Wanted" podcast, with Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine & #1 NYT best-selling author & CNBC news anchor, Nicole Lapin.


INTERVIEW: How mental health affects our work, interview for Flawless World blog, syndicated by The Everygirl

Speaker, SXSW: Selected as a session speaker and mentor for South By South West, one of the premiere marketing, tech, entertainment, and innovation conferences in the world.

Speaker, Inbound: Chosen to give a keynote presentation on why every entrepreneur should learn key copywriting skills at ‘Inbound’, the nation’s top marketing conference, run by industry powerhouse HubSpot.

Winner, “Influencer Top 50” from Talking Influence: Tapped as a ‘Rising Star’ by industry leader ‘Talking Influence’ on their coveted #influencer50 list of the 50 most influential persons in influencer marketing.

Speaker, Brand Hero Summit: Keynote speaker for the Brand Hero Summit on the 3 types of email every business owner should have.

Keynote Speaker, YMS NYC: Kelsey presented on marketing to Gen-Z at the Youth Marketing Show held in Brooklyn, NY (pictured!)

Keynote Speaker, Corporate Retreats: Inquire about booking me to give a non-boring keynote on copywriting, content strategy, and marketing stuff that actually moves the needle at your next corporate event.


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Beyond Influential: Freaking tickled pink to be on this top-rated business podcast with personal branding expert Brittany Krystle! Probably the most actionable interview I’ve given on email copywriting.

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers: An INCREDIBLY high-value podcast episode where I teach listeners key copywriting tricks AND talk about mental health practices that grew my business.

Success With Soul: Diving DEEP into the nitty gritty of email copywriting with 6-Figure Blog founder, Kate Kordsmeier.

Winfluence: A surprisingly poignant interview with Influencer Marketing author, speaker, and thought leader Jason Falls on influencer marketing and content strategy.

Hustle With Purpose: Talking the realities of entrepreneurship with web designer and marketing expert Jacinta Gandy. Plus, how to work with a pro copywriter so you don't waste $$$.

Live Your Light: A podcast from soul-centered Entrepreneur Emily Thomas on the importance of finding your true, authentic voice before you build a brand.

Cash Is Queen: Thrilled to be on this pod because I was a FAN before I was a guest! Listen as Business Expert Nicole Swartz and I talk copywriting tricks, branding advice, & the importance of mental health.

Personal Branding Project: Talking about the power of copywriting, crafting a personal brand voice, and the importance of storytelling in marketing (throwin’ it back to my ‘Hollywood’ days as an actress & screenwriter!)

CEO Blog Nation: Discussion on why being heard is important, how selling is human & why you shouldn’t feel gross about it! (& of course how copywriting can help with all 3!).


Business Unveiled: Interview with Angela Profitt where Kelsey shares 3 Copywriting Tricks that help entrepreneurs 3X conversions, even if they don’t consider themselves “a writer”.

Sprocket Talk - Inbound Speaks: Interview with HubSpot about my Inbound 2020 Session “3 Copywriting Tricks to 3X Results”! I’m sharing a sneak peek of my speech, busting some copywriting myths, and talking about how copywriting can help everyone in every business.

Live Your Light: An IGTV Live episode from soul-centered Entrepreneur Emily Thomas on the importance of finding your voice.

Tagger Insights’: Weekly interviews with industry experts on trends, best practices, tips and more on all things Influencer Marketing. Created as the Director of Content Strategy for Influencer Marketing Platform Tagger Media.

     - Watch all episodes here.

     - My favorite episode on partnering with multi-cultural, diverse influencers is here!

4 Steps to Influencer Marketing Success: A 4-part, fully-produced ‘info-tainment’ series I wrote, directed, and host where I walk brands, agencies, creators, and marketers through the key points of running successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Find Your Magic: My personal YouTube show where I speak with female entrepreneurs about the intersection of mental health and entrepreneurship.


Business Insider: How to gain the exceptional networking opportunities you can get at business school without actually going — and land speaking gigs and clients along the way

Business Insider (again!): The personal rules successful entrepreneurs set to make sure work doesn't take over their lives - mine is all about how to say ‘no’ to requests to “pick my brain”

Glamour original byline: On being a woman business owner & trying to plan financially for fertility: I asked my boyfriend to split the cost of egg freezing

The Everygirl: How mental health impacts work, according to an expert (original story on Flawless World Blog, linked here)

AdAge: Byline for influencer marketing platform, Why Affinity is the Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

BossBabe: full feature on Kelsey & her business’ (super personal and vulnerable) origin story: Why going to therapy was the best thing I did for my business

Refinery29: Is Instagram the new business card?

Branded Content & Marketing Association (BCMA) original byline: Instagram testing monetizing IGTV so creators can make money off their videos

eMarketer: Report- Influencer Marketing in the age of Covid-19

Awin Global: Influencer Marketing thought leadership Meet Kelsey Formost, Tagger Media’s Director of Content Strategy

VoyageLA Magazine: Portraits of Hollywood series; Inspiring stories and people you should know: Meet Kelsey Formost

Signature Video Group: Experts Share Their Tips & Tricks for Instagram Photography

CEO Blog Nation: Entrepreneurs share how they use social media for business

GradeUs: 7 Unique Review Marketing Tactics To Boost Sales

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