Copywriting Secrets to Triple Your Profits!


Tough love moment: No one is going to buy your product or service if they don’t understand what it is you’re offering.

My mission is to help every entrepreneur learn key copywriting skills so they attract the RIGHT customers, feel deeply heard, and of course create more conversions & sales!

I’ve seen it work literally THOUSANDS of times- copywriting is every business owner’s secret weapon. Because once you learn how to effectively communicate with your ideal customer, your mindset is forever changed.

Plus, once you learn copywriting skills, you’ve got ‘em for life! It’s not something that ever changes or goes away.

By the way, if you don’t know what “copy” is, you’re not alone. Copy is just a business term for “words that sell stuff”. So that means anywhere you’re writing and posting words related to your business, ie your website, newsletters, social media, email funnels, etc., that’s “copy”.

When you have great copy that follows a few specific guidelines, something magical happens: you start to attract exactly the right customers who are more likely to spend their hard-earned $ on you and your business. Why? Because you’re connecting to the right people who are 3x’s more likely to like, trust, and invest in you.

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3 Copywriting Secrets to Triple Your Profits

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Triple Your Profits!

Great copy is the single most profitable investment you can make for your business. Why? Because businesses that invest in copywriting and content strategy see 3 times as much return on investment as those who don’t.

That’s triple the profits.

…That’s three venti vanilla lattes instead of one tall drip coffee.

…That’s a whole new outfit versus, “I’ll just take the shoes.”

…That’s a three-day weekend vacay instead of one night off.

Whether it’s your website, bio, about page, product descriptions, social media captions, email newsletters, whatever: great copy means more money in the bank.

Now, I get it. Writing can be super intimidating! Chances are, if you’re here you’ve probably struggled with writer’s block. Or, you might be a verbal vomit-er; one of those people who has SO much to say that your message is unclear and overwhelming.

No matter where you fall on the “but, I’m not a writer” spectrum, it’s totally okay; there are easy ways you can train your brain to think like a copywriter and feel confident EVERY time you sit down to write.

This guide will walk you through three key changes you can make to your copy to reach the right audience & triple your profits.

#1: Clarity

“If you confuse them, you lose them.”- Marie Forleo

Write like you’re talking to a third-grader

Hate to break it to ya, but nobody cares that you know what the word “superfluous” means. (It means “unnecessary” in case you were wondering). As soon as you start trying to fancy up your copywriting, you lose your audience’s attention (and you kind of look like an annoying know-it-all).

Instead, whenever you sit down to write, imagine you’re talking to a very kind and cute third grader. This third grader is smart enough to understand big concepts, but you have to explain it to them in a very clear, concise way.

EXAMPLE: Instead of saying,

“My vocation is to assist corporations in expanding their verbal skills to increase their profits and reach an advantageous audience.”

Say this:

“I help entrepreneurs write words that sell.”

The second option is simple, clear, and effective. A third-grader would totally get it.


Go through your copy and ask yourself, “would a third grader understand this?” If the answer is “yes”, then yay! Onto tip #2! If the answer is “no”, tweak accordingly.

Bottom line: No one is going to buy your product or service if they don’t understand what it is you’re offering.

Cut everything that isn’t serving a specific purpose

One of the most common mistakes people make when copywriting for their business is trying too hard to explain what they do, or trying to pack in too much information.

You know when you’re packing for a trip and you decide you need to throw in five different pairs of shoes, 17 tops, 3 bras, and that dress you’ve never worn because it’s too low cut but you want to bring it “just in case”? (Even though you know you’re really only going to wear your comfy sandals and your go-to top & jeans combo the entire trip).

Don’t let your copy be the over-packed suitcase that weighs you down! You want your copy to be your go-to outfit that shows off your best assets, not the too-slinky dress you never wear because it isn’t “you”. Leave that dress at home, girl. Only bring the essentials.

EXAMPLE: Instead of saying,

“I’m a copywriting expert, business coach, social media marketing consultant, writer, and actress who loves helping entrepreneurs build an online presence that accurately portrays them and their business to their ideal audience to generate more sales.”

Say this:

“I help entrepreneurs write words that attract their dream clients and sell more stuff.”

Is this starting to make sense?


Unpack the copy on your website, your marketing emails, and your social media profiles by taking out everything that isn’t clear, relevant, or useful. Edit your copy and cut it down. Then do it again. Keep going until ONLY the MOST ESSENTIAL information is left.

Be as clear as possible about what you offer. Because, again: No one is going to buy your product or service if they don’t understand what it is you’re offering.

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