Minute-by-minute breakdown of the most actionable podcast interview ever, w/Brittany Krystle

Have you ever been having so much fun you forgot you had to pee?? 

Yeah well, it happened to me last week…

I had to pee. Bad. Buuuut my bf was in there already (we only have one bathroom) & I was running uncharacteristically late. For a VERY important date!

I was about to be a featured guest on an episode of one of my FAVORITE podcasts, Beyond Influential with personal branding expert Brittany Krystle.

If you don’t know about Brittany, she’s kiiiiiiind of a badass in the online education world & entrepreneurial space. She’s worked with some insane household names (Like Gary Vee! And Marie Forleo! Holy Sh*t!) and she teaches incredible – chef’s kiss! – online courses on personal branding & more.

I personally took her Clarity Course (more on this later) and can say firsthand it was a total game-changer for my business. And by game-changer I mean I adopted some key principles of her class and immediately booked the biggest speaking gig I’ve ever gotten at Inbound 2020. 


After 10 years as an actress I don’t really get “nervous” to speak (I actually love it)- however I DO feel like I need to pee. Like 10 times. I dunno if it’s OCD, I dunno if I’m just preemptively worried that I’ll have to pee during the event- whatever.

Whenever I’m anticipating a big event, my body likes to make me think I have to pee. This podcast was no exception. 

So, there I was, doing the potty dance, and I see that I’m almost 2 mins late joining our Zoom session – I HATE being late!!!! – so I decide to forego the nervous pee and just hop on the call & pray my bladder calms the eff down.

CUT TO: The most incredible hour-long convo EVER. 

You know when you meet people and get to talking and you feel like you’ve already been friends for years? That’s what it’s like for me when I talk to Brittany. We both value honesty above all else, we both get super nerdy about entrepreneurship & helping people, we both love unpacking the power of personal brands, and we both hold “unpopular opinions” about our industry.

This episode of Brittany’s podcast, Beyond Influential is so many things, it’s honestly kinda overwhelming to try and boil it down for you… 

In a nutshell, listening to this episode is like getting to be a fly on the wall for a convo between 2 best friends who both have incredible things to say- not only advice in their fields of business expertise, but also in sharing some incredibly vulnerable stuff about what it’s really  like to be an entrepreneur (spoiler alert: it’s hard.)

Here’s a breakdown of what we cover in this episode and when: 

  • 4:21 – The interview starts! We talk about how branding & copy help cultivate TRUST. Because when you’re faced with guiding a customer towards a desired result, you’re not selling a product, you’re selling YOU.

  • 8:40 – What my 10-year acting career taught me about the importance of emotional storytelling and authenticity- and all about my BIG BREAKDOWN that led to my switching career paths.

  • 16:40 – All about the evolution of my business- what it really looked like behind the scenes those first couple of years & what I would do differently.

  • 18:00 – Why I switched from taking BIG BUCKS private copywriting clients to teaching entrepreneurs to write their own copy (important for you if you’re an entrepreneur yourself!)

  • 20:00 – The process of creating, testing, and releasing an online course

  • 27:40 – ALLLLL ABOUT EMAILS! This section is the most “actionable”- you’re gonna want to take notes. Seriously, I’m sharing stuff I only EVER share in paid courses (even Brittany said “people should be paying for this” while we were recording)

  • 34:30 Creating the perfect opt-in – avoid the initial mistakes I made! 

  • 40:00 What should happen after you create the freebie and people opt in to your list… the basics of my “high five welcome sequence”

  • 45:30 – Basically a free mini-course on writing effective email SUBJECT LINES!!!

  • 1:00 – My struggles in business and mental health and why I actively choose to share both!

And last but DEFINITELY NOT least:


I’ll be sharing more about this soon, but for now you can learn more about all my NEW templates at www.kelseyformost.com/shop (or just click “shop” in the menu at the top of this page).

Seriously though- listen to the whole podcast episode. Because I was so “in the zone” while talking to Brittany that I completely 100% forgot I had to pee. Which for me, is kinda a big deal.

Everything we cover is truly ALL incredibly highvalue stuff & I’m so honored Brittany asked me to be a guest on her podcast.

Give it a listen (& a nice review because she deserves it!).