My super vulnerable origin story is featured in BossBabe & now I’m borderline regretting it


Have you ever written an email in a moment of weakness and pushed “send”, only to wake up the next morning wishing there was a way to take it back?

Yeah, me too. Like, right now.

Here’s what happened (and why I’m actually at peace with it, even though I’m having a panic attack as I write this)…

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by BossBabe– a digital media outlet and community with a following of over 1.5 million women, who’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co., the works- about being featured in their new series “Women Like You” highlighting female entrepreneurs who are changing the game, and the world, for the better. (HONORED, HOLY SH*T BALLZ).

They were interested in learning more about why I help women use the principles of copywriting, not just to make money, but to feel deeply heard.

And in a moment of vulnerability, I shared everything.

I shared the moment I decided I wanted to start my copywriting business…something I’ve never publicly talked about before because, well, it’s pretty damn dark.

You can read the full story here, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version…


New Year’s Eve 2017 was one of the worst nights of my life.

I had been recently laid off from my fancy staff writer job after the women’s lifestyle site I worked for folded. I had spent a fruitless 3 months on a job search (nobody hires over the holidays…ever). I had no idea where my next rent check was coming from for the 1-bedroom “big girl” apartment I had just signed the lease on.

So on New Year’s Eve, I was newly single (another brutal story for another day), sitting in my childhood bedroom at 10pm, having a panic attack and sobbing my eyes out.

I knew I needed to make $ to support myself, but the thought of going back to work in another corporate office was making me seriously depressed. My anxiety and depression were OFF. THE. CHARTS.

And in that moment I made what became quite possibly the most pivotal decision of my life: I decided to get help & go to therapy.

Going to therapy helped me define what was really important to me, both in life and in business. It helped me understand the importance of checking in with ourselves to re-evaluate our life path and make sure we’re pursuing a life that actually makes us happy, not just one that makes us money.

  • That’s why I’m so obsessed with helping women feel truly heard.

  • That’s why I’m so obsessed with advocating for mental health(especially for creative entrepreneurs).

  • That’s why I choose to forge this path for myself rather than going back to the “safe” world of healthcare benefits and paid vacations.

So, if you feel so inclined, read my story and tell me what you think (you can reply to these emails, btw- I read & respond to ’em all!).

The ONLY reason I didn’t ask them not to publish my story is because I’m hoping there’s someone out there who needs to hear about my struggles more than I need to feel safe.

It’s super vulnerable to have this out in the world, so, it would actually really make me feel better to know if it helped you or made a difference to hear about these darker, personal moments.

As always, crazy, stupid grateful for you, Magic Makers.
All the love,

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