Do you deserve a million dollars? This business energetics coach says yes.

Calling all skeptics! If you’re unsure about how energy and mindset affects your bottom line, you NEED to listen to this episode with successful CEO Emily Thomas. 

Emily is a multi-passionate entrepreneur; she’s a coach who takes business owners to 7 and 8 figures, the founder of the Live Your Light School, a course to build self-trust in business, and CEO of Sundari Swim, an eco-conscious, body-positive swimwear brand. Emily teaches a no-fluff approach to mindset, business energetics & entrepreneurship. Her courses offer tools to facilitate self-coaching with her BREATHE Mind Management method.  

The reason I love talking to Emily about this hippie woo-woo alignment and energy stuff so much is she really grounds her spiritual teaching in PRACTICAL goals, helping us get out of our own way to consciously design the life we deserve. It’s about quieting the inner skeptic, understanding what we’re REALLY attracting with our energy and vibration (stay with me!) so we can do the work that we were put on this earth to do. 

So what’s in this episode? A LOT of open, vulnerable talk about how to identify and change the stories we tell ourselves about what we think we deserve. 

You’ll hear Emily ask me some deep, probing questions about my recent breakup and decision to launch this podcast. 

You’ll hear some wild stories about un-ignorable signs from the universe (seriously, pay attention when I start talking about the movie ‘Soul’!).

You’ll get some practical tools and takeaways to start asking YOURSELF a few questions about why you might be holding yourself back from success in your business and your relationships.

This one is for brave, wholehearted, hippie woo-woo curious business bishes who have a hard time accepting how much spirituality affects our work. 

I see you, I’m one of you, and…I want to hear from you! Have you ever gotten an un-ignorable sign from the universe? DM them to me on Instagram @kelsey.writes or email me at

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