Easy steps to define, treat and prevent burnout

I bet I’m not alone when I say I’m a little sick of the word ‘burnout’ right now (one could even say I was BURNT OUT hearing the word!)

HOWEVER! After personally experiencing burnout in a big way this December, I wanted to talk with an expert about what burnout actually is, how we can heal from it, and how we can prevent it in the first place.

This led me to today’s guest, Nikole Stanfield, owner of “My Intuition Coach.” She specializes in helping entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone in business for themselves, identify, prevent, or treat burnout by listening to your intuition and living with intention.

The greatest thing about this episode is that Nikole drops actually amazing, valuable, and actionable ways to form new habits that will heal you from that feeling of burnout!

When Nikole was looking for help with her own mental health struggle, she couldn’t find anyone specializing in burnout for entrepreneurs. This caused her to walk away from her business (and sadly lose $20K), in order to completely reset. Entrepreneurial culture is commonly known for a culture of constant hustle. Working hard, making money, wanting more money, and basically feeling like you are on a hustle “treadmill”…

Nikole recommends the first step to avoid burnout is just starting just with taking your lunch. Start with small changes. She also shares tips on how to say no! Sometimes we all need the reminder that “no.” is a complete sentence.

Also, can I just say she dropped this MAGIC BOMB of a playlist in this episode so we hunted it down to include it here for you!

STUDY AT HOGWARTS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzaPLc9TuRE
Connect with Nikole Stanfield:
Website: www.MyIntuitionCoach.co
Email: info@myintuitioncoach.com