Stop looking for your ideal job & look for THIS instead!


This episode begins and ends with Harry Potter references, so, needless to say, it’s already one of my favorites of the season.

Many of us running a business, forging our own kind of path, or pursuing a dream can often feel alone or unheard in the echo chamber of the internet. So, what should you do when you’re feeling completely lost or scared about what’s next for you, your creative venture, or your business?

We try to answer that and more on the second episode of FIND YOUR MAGIC!

In this episode I’m talking to blogger, content creator, and digital talent manager Niki Camacho about embracing the process and re-defining success. Everyone’s idea of ‘success’ is going to be different, just as their path to ‘success’ is going to be different. So rather than focusing on going after a certain job title, or salary, or follower count, instead ask yourself: what are you going to be happy and fulfilled doing day after day after day?

Because, as Niki says in this episode of #findyourmagic:

“When you’re trying to find ‘your thing’, it’s not about reaching a certain end goal, it’s about finding your ideal process.”

Nerd out with us as we quote Harry Potter, talk about the struggle of finding your unique voice, battle Instagram “comparison-itis”, and dive into what “success” really means online and off.



“Find Your Magic” is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, experts, and friends that explores what it’s REALLY like to do what you love.

In this crazy world of online entrepreneurship, I wanted to sit down with some AMAZING women to talk about what it’s really like to bravely create a fulfilling life you love.

We talk about everything from mental health, to business, to the creative process, to imposter syndrome, to relationships, and everything in between. So grab a cup of tea and join the conversation as we take a look behind the scenes of “success” and what it takes to Find Your Magic!

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PS- You’re Not Lost!

In Ep 102 we reference this book: “You’re Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way” by Maxie McCoy