How one filmmaker grew his brand from $10K to $160K in 2 years

I’m putting my actor hat back on for this episode to speak with film director and producer Taylor Lewis! Taylor and his 2 brothers own and operate Atomic City, a full-service production company based in Salt Lake City. His writers, editors, and producers cover everything from mini shoots, to full-blown multi-million dollar productions with clients like Amazon, Microsoft, and Prime Music just to name a few!

In this conversation, Taylor shares what he wishes he and his brothers had done when they were first starting. We talk about what the “tipping point” was for them to go “all in” on their business, develop a unique creative voice, and attract those dream, multi-million dollar clients.

This episode has so much amazing advice, like how to drum up word-of-mouth referrals, and how you can grow a successful business without much investment capital if you hone in on your unique gifts.

By surrounding themselves with people who were aligned with their goals, Taylor and his brothers have grown a zero-budget film crew into a lucrative full-out production business.

Are you a filmmaker or are you hoping to learn more about potentially getting into that field? Don’t miss Taylor’s handbook and online course linked below!

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