FYM Ep 54. Welcoming myself back (even though I’m embarrassed)

Recently I was in a yoga class where the teacher kept saying the words “welcome back” every few minutes. His idea was that hearing that phrase would interrupt your thoughts and bring you back to your body. It drove me NUTS, but dang was it effective.

Every time I started thinking about my to-do list while I was contorted in right angle moon dog or whatever-the-f*ck, he would say “WELCOME BACK” and instantly I was back in the present moment.

I decided to take that same approach to this podcast… Even though the last few months of 2022 were a doozy for my career/creativity/wellbeing, I’ve decided to:

  1. Admit my embarrassment at going radio silent for 3 months with no warning
  2. Leave it in the past
  3. WELCOME MYSELF BACK TO THE PRESENT! And boy howdy do I have some good stuff to share about what’s going on right now in this fabulous corner of the internet.

Listen to this episode for a SUPES vulnerable re-cap of the second half of 2022 (Job loss! Eviction! Plague!), exciting details about what happened when I hired a fancy business coach at the end of the year, and a NEW way I’m supporting you in 2023…

At the end of the episode, you’ll get details about the NEW AND IMPROVED version of my signature course “Copy Class”. The cart for Copy Class opens Jan 22,2023 & LIVE class starts Feb 5th!  More details at: http://www.kelseyformost.com/copyclass