Creating Multiple Income Streams

Being a service-based entrepreneur can be EXHAUSTING. But, spoiler alert: that exhaustion doesn’t necessarily mean more money in the bank.

I see it all the time with my Copy Class students and private copywriting clients; coaches, therapists, and other service providers want to increase their revenue, and they often (mistakenly) feel like the only way to do that is to open up MORE time in their calendar, spend MORE hours, with MORE clients…

…And then they hit an income ceiling and burn out in a spectacular burst of flame.

(Hi! That LITERALLY used to be me! But now aside from private client work, I also run a membership, teach a signature course twice a year, and created a suite of email templates to support me as well!)

Want to avoid burn out by creating multiple income streams? Enter, Nicole Liloia…

A former (burnt out) social worker, Nicole is now a small business strategist and coach. She spent years researching & perfecting her programs that help service-based entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income so they can have more financial freedom!

Over the course of her 9 years in this business, she has helped over 500 service providers build their businesses and diversify their income streams through her signature Bigger Business Bootcamp and Grow Your Income Mastermind. Her Facebook group supports over 10,000 entrepreneurs by giving them real, unmatched support and resources to get to that next level in their business.

Towards the end of the episode Nicole started verbal vomiting some INCREDIBLE ideas for ACTUAL products and services you can (easily) create to add new streams of income to your business!

Listen to “Find Your Magic” Episode 58: