I just shared my business’ secret sauce on the I AM CEO podcast


I was just a guest on an amazing podcast for up-and-coming CEO’s & business owners called the “I AM CEO podcast” and I gotta say, fam- it’s 15 minutes of PURE GOLD.

Host Gresham & I have an easy conversation full of value about a TON of stuff…

  • We started with my “CEO story” where I talked about what happened when I got laid off right after I’d just signed a lease on my first “big girl” apartment…and why I now get excited every time I fail.

  • We talked about why copywriting is every businesses’ secret weapon (because once you learn how to write words that convince people to take action, your life changes in a HUGE and positive way).

  • We talked about why selling is human; we need skills to help us articulate who we are and what we do, so we can help others (and make more sales in the process).

  • Why I wish I’d niched down sooner as a business.

  • Why being stuck opens the door and frees up time and resources to pursue a life of purpose.

I also shared some actual COPYWRITING TIPS (start at min 6 to get right to the tips):

  • How to stop sounding like a walking LinkedIn profile

  • How people can work with me

  • How to train your brain to think like a copywriter (even if you hate writing)

  • Why you should get a content marketing strategy YESTERDAY.

And finally, maybe my favorite question I’ve ever been asked: What’s your business’ secret sauce?

My answer: EMPATHY.

If you can tap into someone else’s feelings, their fears, what makes them feel vulnerable, what inspires them or gives them confidence, then you will be a more successful HUMAN BEING (and also more successful in business).

Listen to the podcast episode HERE: https://iamceo.co/2019/10/18/iam431-copywriting-expert-and-mental-health-advocate-helps-female-entrepreneurs-be-heard/

PS- If you don’t already have it, be sure to download your copy of my super helpful freebie: 3 Copywriting Tricks to 3X Your Profits!