You’re not too old or too late; Finding purpose with Instagram coach Mandy Emerson

Feel intimidated and overwhelmed by Instagram but know it can help your business grow? Have a love-hate relationship with social media because of how it affects your mental health? You’re not alone!

In this episode of Find Your Magic I’m speaking with Mandy Emerson, a professional instagram coach who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using social media. But what I love about Mandy is that she focuses on helping women build their business using Instagram while also minimizing overwhelm and emphasizing authenticity.

Before we dig into Mandy’s tips for staying sane while building an Instagram presence, we start with a vulnerable conversation about what led her to starting her successful business – specifically, the difficult time period between the leaving of an old career/identity and the discovery and wholehearted pursuit of a new, more aligned path.

Mandy and I became instant friends when we bonded over leaving our successful careers in the entertainment business – her as a star cruise ship performer, me as a Hollywood actress (theater nerds, unite!). We’d spent so much time, energy and money learning to be professional performers only to find out over a long period of time that it wasn’t as fulfilling any more.

The truth is, finding your magic doesn’t happen overnight. There’s often a quite long period of time when you’re really struggling with the guilt of leaving an old dream behind and the anxiety of not knowing what’s next. We think, “shouldn’t I have this figured out by now? Am I too old or too late to make this change?” 

I call these our lily pad moments; the times in life where we’ve left something behind and need a temporary safe place to land, a port in the storm to sort through our emotions before we decide what’s next.

Don’t worry – Mandy and I get into some Instagram and social media tips in the second half of the episode! She shares how to drive engagement and build community in a way that’s authentic and minimizes overwhelm. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her amazing free resources if social media is intimidating for you!

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