Finding your authentic brand voice on “Live Your Light” podcast

“Girl, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you. Thank you for teaching people how to ‘sell’ without resorting to slimey sales-y vibes!”

That’s what multi-six-figure entrepreneur Emily Thomas said in one of her first voice messages to me after finding me on Instagram. As soon as I saw Emily’s page and podcast, I knew we were gonna be instant friends…

Because, like me, Emily knows the value of mental health in business.

I feel like there’s too much of a disconnect between mental health and business. When you don’t pay attention to your mental health, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, and even depressed. And a lack of motivation is JUST as detrimental to success as full-on failure.

That’s why I’m constantly trying to bridge that gap for you…

I know firsthand how easy it is to get discouraged about your ideas when you feel depressed or anxious.

This is just one of the subjects I covered on Emily’s Live Your Light” podcast”. And look, I know “Live Your Light” sounds super ‘hippie woo woo’ but hear me out…

Emily isn’t “woo”…she’s mutherluvin’ ALIGNED AF. When we first connected, we talked a ton about how copywriting helps you find your voice in life as well as in business, plus some of my favorite practices for identifying what it is you REALLY want to say to the people you’re ACTUALLY trying to reach.

We started out just chatting about copy stuff and we ended up having such an amazing conversation that we decided to properly record it and share it with you guys!

Cuz here’s the TRUTH: You need a mental health and mindset practice in order to find your authentic voice, connect with people, & succeed in your business.

In This Conversation, We Cover:

  • 2:15 The power of our words and how they impact our life and business

  • 5:50 Why and how you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up for yourself in life and work

  • 11:05 The importance of staying true to ourselves and our values

  • 21:15 The science of copywriting and what copywriting really is

  • 26:15 How can a writer find an entrepreneurial niche and be a conscious writer