Quitting corporate to start a business with Founder Jacinta Gandy

Jacinta Gandy “had it all”… the corner office, the 6-figure salary, the agency title, the fancy corporate expense account – and yet, she wasn’t happy. Not even close. Today we’re talking about the vulnerability and bravery it takes to leave a stable 9-5 to follow your own dreams and start your own business. 

Today, Jacinta owns her own successful company, Social Circle; a full-service design studio that specializes in bold and beautiful branding consultations and web design based in Brooklyn, NY. Now she helps other women entrepreneurs build a profitable brand and web design/presence by…ahem…dare I say, finding their magic?

One of my favorite points from this episode is that time spent in corporate is NEVER wasted! It’s easy to feel guilty about not being happy despite getting everything you strived for. This episode is DEFINITELY for you if you feel shame about wanting to leave the stability provided by a traditional career path, especially one you’ve invested lots of time, money, or energy in pursuing.

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to find and pursue what lights you up. Glad you’re here, Magic Maker.

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Need help with your website or branding? Here’s Jacinta’s info:

Social Circle’s Website: socialcircleinc.com

Jacinta’s Instagram: instagram.com/jacinta.gandy