How Candace Nicholas Lippman went from homeless to Hollywood success…


When I first met Candace on the ABC/Disney filming lot here in Hollywood, all I saw was her gorgeous 10,000 WATT smile, her bubbly personality, her infectious laugh, and her insane talent for commanding the stage and camera.

We connected instantly – I immediately knew this girl was special and that we’d be friends for life.

What I didn’t know until much later was that Candace was living in her car during the first few months of our friendship.

Now, she’s bravely sharing her story with the world.

It’s important to acknowledge that we are often going through something difficult underneath the surface while we’re pursuing our dreams, even if it might not be immediately obvious to the outside world.

But no matter how vulnerable it is, you will always be rewarded for sharing your art, your knowledge, and your story.

Which brings me to Candace’s words in this episode of FIND YOUR MAGIC...

You have no idea what someone else’s journey is or what they had to go through in order to receive a blessing…we need something that keeps us connected to each other…Because your story isn’t just about you, it’s about the person who needs to hear from you.


— Candace Nicholas Lippman

I chose Candace as my first-ever guest for my show “Find Your Magic” for three main reasons:

First, her story is unquestionably the most awe-inspiring, shocking, difficult and beautiful one I’ve ever heard in my life. You hear her tell about the things she’s gone through in life and you can’t help but weep, laugh, sing, dance, and pray alongside her.

Second, I don’t know anyone less judgmental or more empathetic towards other people’s stories or pain. It doesn’t matter what you share with Candace, she will always be there to listen with an open mind, support you with a willing heart, and inspire with words wise beyond her years.

Third, I’ve never seen anyone more fearless or relentless in pursuit of their dreams. I can’t think of anyone better to kick off this series and inspire us all to tell our stories.

Watch the first-ever episode of FIND YOUR MAGIC with me and Candace Nicholas Lippman below…

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Thank you for being part of this release with me. I hope you watch, listen and leave feeling inspired to TELL YOUR STORY!

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PS- Candace is taking her story on the road…but she needs your help! Her solo show “A Rose Called Candace” has been accepted to the prestigious United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City this October- but she NEEDS to raise some funds to get there.

Please open your heart (and your wallet) to help this brave, amazing woman share her story with the City that never sleeps…