Stop ‘should-ing’ all over yourself! How to stop negative self-talk & embrace who you are.


Guys, can we agree that Creativepreneurs have a LOT of feelings? It’s what makes us unique, vibrant, amazing humans…and it can also be a challenge to deal with those feelings in a healthy, consistent way, especially when our work can be so INconsistent!

We’ve talked a lot about all the ways to stay sane when work gets overwhelming as a creative, entrepreneur or freelancer. But it’s important to acknowledge that the moments we’re NOT working can be triggers for negative feelings, thoughts, and experiences as well.

The dry seasons are just as hard, if not harder, than the times we have too much on our plate.

In this episode of “Find Your Magic” I’m talking to Julie Hassett, a freelance makeup artist here in Hollywood with a mental health background. For years Julie worked as a social worker in New York, helping patients from every walk of life deal with a variety of struggles. She, like me, also deals with bouts of anxiety and depression.

Today we’re diving DEEP, talking about the nitty gritty of mental health; from practices for regular self-care, to reversing common internal scripts we beat ourselves up with, like:

  • I’m not ________ enough.

  • I’m too old.

  • I’m too late.

  • This is a stupid idea.

  • This has already been done/said/made 1000 x’s.

  • I’m not as talented/pretty/experienced/wealthy as him/her.

  • I have no idea what I’m doing.

  • I don’t really deserve success.

  • I shouldn’t have spent money on that degree.

  • I wasted so much time on X, Y, Z.

  • I should be farther along than this.

…sound familiar?? That’s because WE ALL TALK TO OURSELVES THIS WAY!

We all tell ourselves these stories about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We get down on ourselves for not being successful enough, then turn right around and think we don’t deserve success! So how do we turn down the noise of all this negative self talk?

The most helpful tool, according to mental health professionals, is taking small but consistent actions that re-ground us in who we really are and what we really want.

So what does that look like? Find out in this amazingly inspiring episode of Find Your Magic with Julie Hassett!

Find Your Magic” is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, experts, and friends that explores what it’s REALLY like to do what you love.

In this crazy world of online entrepreneurship, I wanted to sit down with some POWERHOUSE women from a variety of careers to talk about what it’s actually like to bravely create a fulfilling life (the good, the bad, and the ugly!).

We talk about everything from mental health, to business, to the creative process, to imposter syndrome, to relationships, and everything in between. So grab a cup of tea and join the conversation as we take a look behind the scenes of “success” and what it takes to Find Your Magic!

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