How to avoid time wasters? Embrace them (for 20 minutes).

I wanted to share an actual e-mail I got from my mom last week:

“Kelsey, I  need to stop wasting time reading about the Royal Family & need you to hold me accountable. I’m not kidding.

I’m putting a self-imposed FULL STOP on reading about ‘Megxit’. For at least 24 hours: No reading about the Royal Family, the Queen, Megxit, where Harry & Meghan will live, what her father says, NOTHING.

I’m totally serious. I have things I need to do and I keep getting distracted.
Please check in and make sure I’m not doing this.

Love you – mom”

LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! I DIE!!!!!!!!!

But also…same.

We all have our favorite time-wasters…

  • Mine is The Bachelor,

  • My mom’s is The Royal Family,

  • My boyfriend’s is America’s Test Kitchen,

  • My bff’s is astrology…

We all have that favorite rabbit hole we like to go down when we’re avoiding doing something we don’t want to do. (Out of curiosity- what’s yours?? Put it in the comments, haha I bet there’s some GOOD ones!).

Sometimes we need an accountability buddy to keep us honest. (I know I do! Hi, Marian!) Sometimes we need to put our phone in the other room while we work. Sometimes we need to totally unplug our wifi and crank out the thing we need to get done (yes, I really do this).

The trick is to not wallow in feeling guilty or get down on yourself if you’ve been in one of those rabbit holes. It happens. C’est La Freaking Vie.

If you’re in a funk and want a good dose of motivation or inspiration, may I humbly recommend you check out these blog posts/podcast episodes:

Lastly, if you need to schedule some Bachelor/Megxit/Horoscope/YouTube Beauty Tutorials time, GO FOR IT. Just set a timer on your phone for 20 minutes and get back to work when time’s up =).