The end of the #Girlboss era with Whitney Eckis

Today on Find Your Magic, I’m talking about the end of the #Girlboss era façade and the rise of TRUE success (thank God) with marketing agency owner and brand boss, Whitney Eckis…

When you look at Whitney Eckis you see someone who “has it all”; a successful marketing agency with HUGE clients like Marriot Hotels, Red Bull, Soul Cycle, a top-rated podcast, and a hemp infused coffee brand so popular it just got into Urban Outfitters.

What you don’t see- like so many of us entrepreneurs – is her story of burnout, anxiety, and depression that got her there.

Whitney joins me on Find Your Magic to talk about the REAL sh*t…

  • She gives A+ branding advice (like, the kind she gives to multi-million $ global brands)
  • She talks about her therapy journey and the particulars of how she healed her body’s nervous system 
  • She talks about the rejection of “Girlboss” #hustle culture in favor of fulfillment and grounded goals

It’s all in this episode and it’s all MAGIC!

Connect with Whitney:
@whitneyeckis and @getsupr on all social platforms

Kelsey on Whitney’s podcast “Under The Influence”