The copywriting trick that got me in BUSINESS INSIDER (twice)


Holiest of moleys… Y’all, I went from zero experience pitching press to now FOURTEEN placements (and counting) in just a few months.

My last two placements? GLAMOUR magazine and BUSINESS INSIDER.

Not. Freaking. Bad. (**Pats self on back because it’s important to celebrate our wins, especially as women in business!**)

But, there’s a BIG OL’ ELEPHANT-SIZE “BUT” that comes after that big statement…

There were months when I was pitching press and all I heard was crickets in my inbox. I didn’t understand it; I was writing (what I thought were) brilliant statements and sending them to editors at all the publications I dreamed of being featured in (like, you guessed it: BUSINESS INSIDER).

Then, a lighbulb went off: HELLOOOOO, I’m a copywriting expert! Why not use copywriting tricks to pitch press and see if I get a better response?

Lo and behold, a few months later, I’m swimming in amazing, high-value press.

So, the big question: How’d I do it? What’s the copywriting secret that helped me get these reporters & editors to reply to my emails with things like:

“This is amazing- absolutely using this quote.”
“Wondering if you’d be interested in being on our podcast as well?”
“I want to expand on what you said. Can I have further comment?”
“Please send us more story pitches! This one is a huge hit!”
“Our Lifestyle editor saw this piece and wondered if you had any stories to pitch her section?”

Answer: I made it all about THEM.

Copywriting helps you think like your customer. Getting in another person’s mindset (aka “empathy”!) is the fastest way to make a deep, valuable connection. Those connections lead to conversions.

If you write a pitch with the mindset of “how can I make this as helpful as possible to the REPORTER?” and “how can I tell them how I’m going to help THEM vs making it about me/my business?” you will be WAY more successful.

An easy way to do this: look at the reporter’s query and answer/re-state their question in your subject line. For example:

Query: Can MBA programs & business schools claim better networking opportunities?

Pitch subject line: I got better networking results from IG than my MBA friends got from their yearly mixers.

Notice how I used the SAME WORDS from the reporter’s query in my subject line while also answering the question?

If you want to know more about getting press, stay tuned for my mini-course “How To Get Press With No Experience”


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