Fear-based marketing is the literal WORST.


Guys. Whenever I talk about something and my inbox immediately gets flooded with messages- I PAY ATTENTION.

So, I’m just like everyone else- I get sucked into free webinars on the reg. On Wednesday I signed up for one about copywriting because:

  • a) gotta support other women out there makin’ it work, and

  • b) I’m always up for learning something new so I can share test it and share it with you guys!

So I’m taking this webinar and there are some helpful things she has to say, but honestly I’m SO turned off the whole time because she keeps dropping FEAR-BASED MARKETING phrases like:

  • If you don’t do this, you’re losing money…

  • You’re not a pro if you don’t have this thing…

  • Are you guilty of these copy mistakes?…

  • Doors are closing in 30 seconds!…

  • If you don’t act NOW, you’re dead to me…

    • (OK, that last one is an exaggeration, but, you get it.)

So I did what any normal Millenial would do and I went on Instagram to rant about it. Turns out you guys are just as passionate about this as I am because: THAT *ISH WENT VIRAL WITHIN THE HOUR!

My DM’s were flooded by women who are sick of being shamed into buying things. Who are tired of feeling like they’re not enough if they don’t do X, buy Y, or join Z.

You know what?? SAME, GIRL. SAME.

There is a difference between educating someone and providing them with something of value that can help them grow, and beating someone into submission so they buy your product.

And here’s the thing: we’re all so used to that kind of marketing language now that we can spot it a mile away.

Fear-based marketing is NOT effective. Not all copywriters would agree with me there, but, that’s how I feel.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have “limited time only” deals! But I think most people would agree there’s a difference between letting someone know something is available for a limited time only and hitting them over the head with it. It’s about your tone. It’s about sharing what’s going and coaching your reader to make a decision on versus bullying them until they break.


If you want to learn more about how to avoid fear-based marketing, check out COPY CLASS – my online course about how to connect to more of your ideal customers in an authentic and genuinely helpful way.